Seven Ways to Relax

Today, there's so much stress in our lives. Many people are working long hours for less income and facing all sorts of stress, so it's no surprise that they find it difficult to relax and unwind when they get home.

But don't worry; there are a lot of things you may do to help work some of that stress off your life.

The following are a few ideas on how to relax, relieve stress and generally unwind after you leave the office. Try a few of these techniques in order to blow off a little steam and relax after a busy day at work. Here's a  good read about  Progressive Muscle Relaxation exercise , check it out! 

Bath or shower

Some people find the bath tub the most relaxing place, complete with scented candles as well as soft music. Others are bored by sitting in warm water and like a quick, refreshing shower. Choose whatever you like.

If you're more into showers, buy a scented shower gel. If you're more into the bath tub, liven it up with bath gels and/or oils, as well as anything that will help you unwind. To gather more awesome ideas on how to  Take a Deep Breath , click here to get started. 

Listen to soothing music

While some enjoy listening to classic music, if you enjoy classic rock, turn it on and jive a bit to get some of that stress out of you.


Whether it's on a kindle or on the good old paper, reading a good book could take you off the worries of this world. Just choose carefully and go for something that you can put down easily. The perfect relaxation book is one that's not too interesting but quite interesting.

Take deep breaths

Focus on breathing on your 5-minute break. With your eyes closed, sit up straight. Place a hand on your stomach. Inhale through your noise slowly. Then reverse the process by breathing out through your mouth. Deep breathing counters stress effects by slowing down the heart rate and reducing blood pressure.


Take a drink or two. However, this is not an excuse to get absolutely sloshed and pass out in your bed. However, if having some wine or cold beer lets you relax, by all means do it.

Stay comfortable

Get into a relaxing mode by changing into comfy clothes. Do you have an outfit you like that's lying around the place? As long as it is comfortable, wear it. Get into boxer shorts, throw on a night tee, or move around naked--do whatever helps you relax.

See nature

Get outdoors and sit on a stool or blanket and let your mind go quiet as you engage each of your senses. This is an extremely effective way to unwind. What do you hear, see and smell?

Try some or all of these relaxation ideas so you can find something that helps you unwind and relax after a stressful day at work.